Jim Black, drum
Trevor Dunn, bass
Oscar Noriega, alto saxophone and bass clarinet
Chris Speed, tenor saxophone

We are a neighborhood band, all living within three blocks of each other. Initially we played for an ailing friends’ benefit concert and by demand we continued to perform together, developing a book of music built around the band’s sound and dynamic energy. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty with the music and have a great time making fun of each other.
Endangered Blood December 28th 2016 at Cafe Martin

“ Fast, looping, dynamically even and entwining lines, laying bebop over clanky grooves.”   - The New York Times

“Black’s manic bag of tricks anchors Endangered Blood’s inventive yet approachable core, with all four players locked in around him as if this were the band’s 12th album instead of its debut, let’s hope this ensemble’s recording future is better-fated than its name.  - LA Times

“Celebrating the release of its lovely, eponymous CD, which features fleetly executed lines that hurtle through odd meters, zigging and zagging, dribbling and skipping.”  
- The Seattle Times

"Some two-reed bands underscore conflict. This new foursome lets its saxophonists parallel each other and the depth of their coordination is enviable. Their new Skirl CD finds them addressing corkscrew ditties and dreamy laments, the tandem nature of their blend conjuring images of a bicycle built for two. Fans of post-rock clatter will dig the way the rhythm section puts the pedal to the metal."  - Jim Macnie, Village Voice NYC